Dr. Otto Warburg and Dr. Keith Brewer


Otto Warburg Chemist Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme. His work demonstrated that cancer cells replicate in the absence of oxygen. Several oxygenation methods have been proven capable of stopping the proliferation of cancer cells.

Otto Heinrich Warburg was born on October 8, 1883, in Freiburg, Baden. His father, the physicist Emil Warburg, was President of the Physikalische Reichsanstalt, Wirklicher Geheimer Oberregierungsrat. Otto studied chemistry under the great Emil Fischer, and gained the degree, Doctor of Chemistry (Berlin), in 1906. He then studied under von Krehl and obtained the degree, Doctor of Medicine (Heidelberg), in 1911. He served in the Prussian Horse Guards during World War I. In 1918 he was appointed Professor at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biology, Berlin-Dahlem.

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Keith Brewer Dr. Keith Brewer founded the Brewer International Science Library to apply the tools and methods of his training as a physicist to understand the living cell and how its nature applies to phenomena such as cancer and aging. His work led him to discover that cancer cells cannot exist in tissue with a pH of 8.0.

This led to the development of Cesium therapy to reverse cancer. Cesium is the most alkalinizing of the elements. Dr. Brewer and many qualified researchers and physicians since have written scores of articles on the development of his theory and the utilization of Cesium to maintain alkalinity as an adjunct to successful cancer treatment.

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