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Greetings to all Visitors and Blog Fans!

First off, Thanks all the people who have visited this website/blog and have left their comments, most of which are positive. Most people like the way the site/blog is setup and the informative and interesting nature of the material presented. Several people have suggested commercializing it somehow. The decision to do so has been made in light of “Obamacare” and because I believe it can make a positive difference for the people who definitely need it. And there are plenty of those folks, as you will see.

And now a little about me. My background includes a 4 year degree in Nutrition (emphasizing Dietetics) from an accredited and respected university.  Additionally I also have a silent equivalent degree in Biochemistry. Next, I have a Masters degree in Food Science with a concentration in Nutrition. Also, I am a published co-author in medical and technical journals from my days as a graduate student. In addition to obtaining an online degree as an N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathy), I at one time worked part-time as a Health & Wellness Counselor at a medical practice, by invitation of the M.D.’s
Elsewise, I have been a Research Chemist for 30 years in both Academia and Industry and am well trained in Advanced Statistical Research Methods. Other interests include Endocrinology and Brain Chemistry.

You might say I’m a little hardcore. Actually, I got into all of this due to becoming ill while still young and realizing that doctors could not help me, I learned to heal myself. Then I went to school to get the degrees to further understand the process and because I find it quite interesting. Once people find out about my background, they tend to want some help with one health issue or another. Over the years, kind of as hobby, I have helped sick people who will listen to get well again or at least improve their health. On many occasions it has been suggested to me that I should make my knowledge available to the public.

This site and book are a first step in that process. While I believe that anyone with average intelligence and the right information can learn to control their health, it is not as simple as creating a manual on self-healing, although that will come next and then a book on healthy eating for people on a budget.

I have written this book to educate people about what really is going on in the field of health and medicine in order to prepare them to heal themselves. Disease rates are rising instead of falling, which is all the evidence you need to know as proof of the failure of medicine to do its job. National healthcare will not solve the problem either, and everywhere it has been implemented around the globe has resulted in insolvency in the system.

If healthcare is such a so called “right” then health maintenance is a mandatory responsibility as part of sharing the burden, otherwise those people who make themselves sick when it could have been avoided by prevention, take advantage of those who choose to stay well, but are required to pay into the system anyway. So I would ask you good readers to purchase this first book, educate yourself and help fund the next phase of this process. My intention is to make this a customer driven website, so feel free to send feedback via the contact form on the site or comment below. However if the blog becomes over spammed, I’ll have to shutdown the RSS.

I wish you all the best and look forward to helping you and your loved ones to get well and stay that way.

Jon Beaudry

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