Medical Bankruptcies

Medical Bankruptcies Compound Pain and Misery of Nation’s Chronic Illness Epidemic


The American Dream has a perverse ending these days: Diagnoses of chronic diseases, long-term treatment with expensive drugs, pain, misery, bankruptcy and death without dignity.

Almost half of all Americans will be diagnosed with Cancer during their lives; nearly all of them will die slowly and painfully of Cancer after being subjected to years of expensive chemo therapy drugs, radiation treatments and surgeries.

Those who escape Cancer will succumb to Heart Disease, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s or some other chronic disease.

Reuters reported that a report published in the journal Health Affairs found that half of all bankruptcies are filed by Americans drowning in medical bills.

Most of the nearly 800,000 medical bill-induced bankruptcies were average Americans and their dependents with medical insurance who happened to get sick. “Our study is frightening. Unless you are Bill Gates, you’re just one serious illness away from bankruptcy,” commented study director Dr. David Himmelstein of the Harvard Medical School.

To help organized medicine collect, Congress passed a bankruptcy reform bill in March, 2005, exempting medical bills from bankruptcy protection.

Statistically, you will: (1) be diagnosed with a chronic illness, (2) seek treatment from doctors who will prescribe drugs and surgeries, (3) suffer economic hardship from treatments that never cure the illness and (4) you will die sick and penniless .unless you learn about the true nature of disease and why bodies develop chronic symptoms.

You and your loved ones can escape chronic disease and subsequent poverty, but it requires learning how to prevent or reverse its symptoms nutritionally.

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Slices of Pharma Pie

pweb_pills_0707053Cardinal Health (healthcare) $47.9 Billion
Merck (pharmaceuticals) $47.7 Billion

Pfizer (pharmaceuticals) $32.3 Billion
Glaxo Smith Kline (pharmaceuticals
) $29.5 Billion
Bayer (pharmaceuticals)
$27.1 Billion
United Health Group (healthcare) $23.4 Billion
Bristol-Myers Squibb (pharmaceuticals) $21.7 Billion
Pharmacia (pharmaceuticals) $19.3 Billion
Novartis (pharmaceuticals) $18.9 Billion
Amerisource Bergen (healthcare) $15.8 Billion
WellPoint Health Networks (healthcare) $12.4 Billion

Source: Forbes 500, 2002 Revenue

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