Starve a Cancer / Feed your HEALTH

Starve a Cancer / Feed your HEALTH


Presuming you have already decided against subjecting yourself to chemotherapy, radiation treatments and surgery following a diagnosis of cancer, the following outline of what to eat and what not to eat will be of tremendous value:

Starve a Cancer: Stop eating meat, pasteurized dairy products and packaged, processed foods because they are acid-forming and rob the body of protein-digesting enzymes needed for destroying cancer cells. Stop eating simple carbohydrates like white rice, pasta, white flour, refined white sugar-and artificial sweeteners. These are the foods that lower body pH, deprive the cells of oxygen and feed cancer.

Feed your HEALTH: Start eating enzyme-rich raw fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of raw (chlorophyll-containing) juice from deep-green leafy vegetables and complex (nitriloside-containing) carbohydrates such as beans, lentils, squashes, sweet potatoes and avocados. Raw cauliflower and broccoli also have properties that make cancer cells unhappy.

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