What Did We Inherit?

Just what exactly, did we inherit? science_technology_caduceus_dna1

“Heart disease [cancer, diabetes, poor circulation, male pattern baldness, stinky feet, schizophrenia] runs in our family.” “I come from a long line of men [women] who live into their 90s. “

We have been conditioned by “experts” in medicine and the media to ascribe our physical attributes (strengths and weaknesses) to genetics. Surely we inherit many traits from our parents, but where does the influence of inherited genes end and that of inherited habits begin?

Organized medicine prefers that we believe our health is genetically predetermined. If we believe we are powerless to correct health problems on our own, organized medicine can sell us drugs and surgeries to allegedly overcome our presumed genetic weaknesses. Altering lifelong eating and drinking habits, incorporating exercise into daily activities and developing a more positive attitude toward life can dramatically improve conditions presumed to be genetically “hard wired” into our bodies

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